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    Studio Pilates Sessions (maximum 3 clients)

    Individual session: $70
    Prepaid – 5 session pack*: $295 per month
    Prepaid – 10 session pack*: $550

    Direct Debit Only – 5 session pack*: $245 per month
    Direct Debit Only – 10 session pack*: $400

    Direct Debit Only – Top Up session*: $40

    Studio sessions are semi-private sessions with up to three clients being taught by a single instructor at any one time.  What you do in each session is personally designed for you by the instructor, with a balanced program tailored to address your concerns and to target your goals.   It may be very consistent from session to session, or be very varied, depending on your needs. Your companions will be working on their own program simultaneously and may be doing completely different exercises. There is no competition – you succeed when you achieve your purpose. This is quite different to a class situation where all the movements are performed in unison by all participants.

    Each of our clients comes with their own issues, level of fitness and goals to help them work and play.  It may include helping you prevent or manage injury, alleviate back and neck pain and assist with rehabilitation from chronic diseases. We specialise in assisting with:

    • Back Pain, including dysfunction from Spondylolisthesis, vertebral disc pathologies, stenosis, scoliosis
    • Neck and Shoulder Pain, including rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulder and postural issues
    • Knee and feet issues, including patellar tracking dysfunction, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s foot, weak arches
    • Hip and pelvis instability
    • Improving bone density
    • Sports and dance injuries and injury prevention
    • Longer term reconditioning after surgery or accidents
    • Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates
    • Specialised Programs for Athletic Conditioning, such as marathons, triathlons
    • Designing programs to help you live with chronic degenerative or autoimmune conditions

    One-on-one sessions are also available for clients requiring greater support and instruction, or who simply prefer a more personalised workout.

    * 5 and 10 private and studio session packages have a one (month) expiry. All packages are neither refundable or transferable.

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    Email: focused@wellcentred.com.au

    Address: Suite 101, 81 - 83 Walker St, North Sydney, NSW, 2060

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