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    Michelle Duggan

    Michelle has an extensive background in theatre, performing and dance. While performing as a dancer in Paris she sustained a back injury that led her to the Pilates Method and exploring rehab and other ways of adapting movement beyond the stage and dance training.

    While living in Athens Greece she undertook a 3 year apprenticeship with Jenny Colebourne a second generation Master Teacher.

    Michelle has over 10 years’ experience teaching Pilates to people of all ages and body conditions.

    She brings to her classes a deep respect for the Pilates Method and principles. She is passionate about staying informed with the latest developments in Pilates and movement and has studied with some of the best such as Rael Isacowitz, Alan Herdman, Karen Clippinger and Ed Botha.

    Her greatest satisfaction as a teacher is when she sees how the method helps her students become stronger and more graceful in body, mind and spirit.

    Michelle Duggan

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