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    Meredith Brooks

    Meredith began Pilates over 25 years ago with Lesley Ackland in London after seriously damaging both sacroiliac joints in the pursuit of her amateur ballet obsession.

    As a result of the work and insights of the technique, she is still very active and effectively managing her ageing hypermobile joints all these years later.

    After five years in New York, via Sydney, Meredith retired from the finance industry to return to Australia to pursue a second, non executive career. She completed her APMA qualification at Spring Pilates in 2006 and spent the next 6 years working with Penny Latey, one of the pioneers of Pilates in Australia. She started teaching at Wellcentred in 2012, keeping up her various board positions until she took over the ownership of the studio in June 2018.

    Meredith has done pilates classes and workshops with many different teachers and has come to appreciate the value of choosing from the wide variations of exercises, modifications, ideas and cues that the Pilates method has evolved to include over the years.

    She uses this rich toolkit to create a targeted program of sessions for each client, fully reflecting their own unique combination of neuromuscular function, personal history and day-to-day life. The goal – to have each client leaving feeling better than when they walked in.

    Meredith Brooks

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