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    Initial Assessment

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    Assessment Package: $295
    (Includes Initial Assessment and two Private sessions)

    During your assessment session, we will analyse your posture, flexibility, strength and muscle balance and ask about your goals and medical history. We will then create a personalised program of Pilates exercises for you which you will incorporate into your subsequent two private sessions….

    Studio Pilates Sessions (maximum 3 clients)

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    Individual session: $70
    Prepaid – 5 session pack*: $295 per month
    Prepaid – 10 session pack*: $550

    Direct Debit Only – 5 session pack*: $245 per month
    Direct Debit Only – 10 session pack*: $400
    Direct Debit Only – Top Up session*: $40

    Studio sessions are semi-private sessions with up to three clients being taught by a single instructor at any one time. What you do in each session is personally designed for you by the instructor, with a balanced program tailored to address your concerns and to target your goals.

    Private Pilates Sessions

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    Individual session: $100
    10 session pack*: $950

    Wellcentred offers Private Focused sessions for those who will benefit from one-on-one instruction. This may well suit you if you have acute pain or a recent injury or need to address a complex chronic condition.

    Pilates Equipment Classes (for 6 attendees)

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    Casual: $35 (incl GST)
    10 Session Pilates Equipment Class Pack*: $295 (incl GST) per month

    Our small group Pilates Equipment classes have access to the full set of Pilates equipment in our studio, including the Reformers, Trapeze Tables and Wunda Chairs. These classes deliver a variety of Pilates repertoire from class to class and are for people who are injury free. The instructor will decide if you all work in unison on the reformers or mats, do different versions of the same exercise on different apparatus or work in a circuit. It’s a collective workout, with many ingredients.

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