Julia Balaz

Julia is the owner and Director of Wellcentred. She discovered Pilates over 8 years ago, and became an avid fan. Pilates also allowed her to better cope with her role as a busy corporate banker. In 2009, Julia suffered a serious fracture of the pelvis following a cycling accident. Her whole world was turned upside down as she lay in hospital unable to walk. She credits Pilates for accelerating her rehab program, and allowing her to achieve a full recovery. Following the accident, Julia left the corporate world, and immersed her in studying the human body. In the process, she went onto become a Pilates teacher. She trained with STOTT PILATES in Sydney as well as New York City. Whilst in NYC, she also became an accredited CARDIOLATES instructor and master trainer.

Further, she is one of the few trainers in Australia to teach Redcord Active, a unique suspension training concept from Norway.

Recently, she has added Booty Barre to her qualifications.

Julia founded Wellcentred, 2 years ago. Since then, she has expanded the business, and now owns a traditional Pilates studio with a rehab focus and a large Yoga & Pilates class studio both located in North Sydney. Julia is a passionate advocate of Pilates and corrective exercise, and believes in empowering and educating people to achieve their goals – whether they are an athlete or suffering from a back injury.

Christa Payne

Christa is an accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and accredited practicing Dietitian (APD). She has a double degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition/ Dietetics from Sydney University. Her experience both in exercise rehabilitation and dietetics includes hospital settings, aged care facilities, private practice clinics, recreational sporting teams, gyms and the corporate health environment.

She loves working with others and sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for movement, health and wellbeing. She has practiced Pilates herself for the last 8 years and has more recently also taken up yoga.

Outside of work she enjoys travel (having lived overseas for 8 years in Europe and Asia), most sports (including soccer, touch rugby, snowboarding, swimming and running) as well as cooking and live music.

Alex Griffin

Alex Griffin is passionate about promoting the health and wellbeing of her clients through clinical Pilates, physiotherapy and functional exercise. She began her studies in Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney after her love of group fitness instructing, together with her interests in life sciences and working with people, led her to seek a rewarding career combining these interests.

Alex loves to see the benefits that Pilates brings to her clients. She has completed STOTT PILATES training in Matwork and Reformer and intends to continue to build on her STOTT PILATES repertoire.

Alex’s physiotherapy experience is extensive, having worked in several large NSW public hospitals, as well as various outpatient clinics and community health settings. Her interests include the management of low back pain and chronic pain conditions, work-related upper limb disorders and neck pain. She also has a keen interest in women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction. She is a member of the Spinal Pain research group at the University of Sydney, and is currently involved in a number of research projects investigating the risk factors for, and management of, low back pain.

A qualified marine biologist, Alex enjoys chasing fish around various Sydney beaches on snorkel, and the occasional SCUBA dive where possible. In addition to Pilates and yoga, she loves running, weights training and sharing her enthusiasm for health and fitness with her clients.

Danielle Almedia

Danielle has always been passionate about health and wellbeing whilst working in different roles in the hospitality and media industries. In 2008, she completed her Health and Fitness Diploma. After spending sometime overseas, she came back to Sydney and started practicing Pilates, mainly to improve her posture and increase her overall fitness level.

After 6 months of diligently attending classes at an inner city Pilates studio, the owners strongly encouraged her to begin her training to become an instructor. She has since completed her training through Stott Pilates, and is keen to pursue further studies.

As an instructor, Danielle’s goal is to assist, encourage and challenge clients whilst adding some fun.

Lara Krawchuk

Lara is a Level 2 APMA (Australia Pilates Method Association) instructor currently working as a freelance instructor for various Studios and corporate clients.

In 2010, she was invited to be a member of the APMA Education Committee which is responsible for the accreditation, membership and professional development of APMA Pilates instructors nationwide.

Pilates is a “second career” for Lara. She has a Business Degree in Marketing and is originally from a corporate background, specialising in Sponsorship and Event Marketing.

She began Pilates as a post-natal client in 2003 at the Mosman Pilates Centre. She became a client at Spring Pilates at the beginning of 2007 and went on to study anatomy and physiology at Nature Care College in 2008. She completed her APMA Level 2 course in 2009.

Meredith Brooks

Meredith began Pilates over 20 years ago with Lesley Ackland in London after dislocating both sacroiliac joints, on separate occasions. As a result of the work and insights of the technique, she is still dancing – classical ballet and contemporary dance – all these years later.

After five years in New York, via Sydney, Meredith retired from the finance industry to return to Australia to pursue a second, non executive, career. She completed her APMA qualification at Spring Pilates in 2006 and spent the next 6 years working with Penny Latey, one of the pioneers of Pilates in Australia. She balances Pilates teaching with board positions in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Liisa Russmann

Liisa’s yoga journey began several years ago with discovering the balancing benefits of yoga for both body and mind in a traditional Hatha class. From there, she has practised extensively and trained as a teacher in Power Living studios.

Yoga is now her lifestyle that she aspires to share with others. While working in a fast-paced and challenging corporate environment, Liisa discovered a haven for relaxation in yoga. She believes yoga is a powerful tool for helping us to reconnect with ourselves, while challenging the body through a versatile and fun practice.

Always passionate, warm and committed, Liisa aims to offer her practitioners tools for self-acceptance and enriching the quality of their life.Liisa shares her understanding of anatomy and physiology of Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga asana and assisting, along with rich yoga philosophy.