Initial Assessment at Wellcentred Focused

What’s included in your Initial Assessment Pack?

Initial Assessment at Wellcentred Focused

  • A comprehensive assessment session with a fully certified instructor or an allied health professional
  • 2 private sessions to help you develop an understanding of the Pilates method in your body

During your assessment session, we will analyse your posture, flexibility, strength and muscle balance and ask about your goals and medical history. We will then create a personalised program of Pilates exercises for you which you will incorporate into your subsequent two private sessions.

Should you choose to continue, you will follow your tailored program in studio sessions with a maximum of two other clients per session.

Booking and paying for your Initial Assessment Pack

When we receive your booking, we’ll call you to book your initial session. You’ll need to pay in order to book your session: You can

or you can pay over the phone with a credit card, when we call you to book your session; or you can come in to Wellcentred Focused and pay with cash, credit card or EFTPOS, and book your session over the counter.

Your first session

When you arrive for your initial assessment session, your Wellcentred tag will be waiting for you. After your initial session, you can book online or at reception for your subsequent 2 private sessions. You will find our studio session times here.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Wellcentred family!

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Your Initial Assessment Session

Thanks for your booking your Initial Assessment. Click on the button below to send us your registration.  We’ll call you back to book you in for your initial session.