Wellcentred Introductory Pass

Booking your Wellcentred Introductory Pass
There’s no contract and no fine print: Just follow the steps to book in for your first week and enjoy unlimited Zumba, Power Yoga, Mat Pilates classes featuring mediBall and Small Pilates Props, Swan Lake Pilates, Cardiolates Super Circuit and many, many more; a great way to start your fitness journey with us!

The Introductory Group Pass offer does not include Small Group Pilates Reformer Classes.

Paying for your Wellcentred Introductory Pass
You can just bring cash (or your ATM/credit card) to pay when you come in for your first class.


Your first class, and your first week…
When you arrive for your first class, you will be given a pre-exercise assessment and will need to complete a mini-health questionnaire. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your first class.

Enjoy as many classes as you like, and enjoy the complimentary fresh fruit and tea in the lounge area. Towels are also provided free of charge.

Happy with your first week?
Anytime during your first week, you can choose to top up your Wellcentred tag with a casual pass or a 10 pack. You can check our pricing options here.


If you have an injury or back pain, you may prefer to find out about our individual sessions on Redcord.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Wellcentred family!

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Your first class

Thank you for booking your Wellcentred Introductory Pass! Click on the button below to send us your registration. We'll contact you to confirm the details of your first class.

Of course this introductory offer is available for first-time clients only, and is for people genuinely interested in developing an ongoing health & fitness practice with Wellcentred.

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