Pregnancy is the ultimate life experience – it can be joyful, painful, emotional, daunting and exciting… all at the same time! Our Pregnancy Pilates is focused on achieving an optimum physical and mental balance during this time.

We offer a safe, yet challenging Physiotherapy and Pilates based program that will help prepare and strengthen your body and mind for your birth experience and assist in a quicker recovery.

There are many great physiological benefits for you and your baby:

  • Lean and defined arm, shoulder and back muscles
  • Long, toned thighs, hips and calves
  • Firm bottom
  • You can feel confident with our highly qualified and experienced instructors and women’s health experts, who know you by name and can individually tailor your workout according to your Pregnancy needs
  • Minimising the separation of the rectus abdominals, leading to quicker and easier reconnection after the birth
  • Specific pelvic floor strengthening exercises
  • Pilates breathing for relaxation, emotional control, labour pain management and expansion of the diaphragm to allow your baby to move more freely
  • Pilates breathing for releasing toxins from the body and also encouraging the oxygen flow to your baby
  • Strong core for postural support
  • Pilates attracts the blood supply to the core (where your baby is!), providing your baby with the most effective nutrient supply for growth and development
  • Controlled flexibility exercises within safe intensity levels
  • Upper body strengthening for feeding preparation and neck care