At Wellcentred we combine the philosophy of the Pilates method with the knowledge keened from modern scientific and medical research to develop a programme for you that will:

  • Improve your strength and body control
  • Ease unwanted muscle tension and increase your flexibility
  • Improve muscle imbalance by strengthening weak areas, and
  • Identify overused muscles and teach you to switch them off

At Wellcentred we look for the best outcome for our clients by conducting a physical and postural assessment to determine your individual strengths, weaknesses and goals, followed by 2 more private sessions before joining ‘studio sessions’. 

This initial assessment package ensures a smooth transition into “studio sessions” as these private sessions help to develop an understanding of the method in your body, how to use the equipment safely and to ask any questions that crop up following your assessment. This one on one time is when your needs and goals are established and is your time to develop an understanding & build a confidence with the Pilates method.

Ongoing studio sessions are tailored to your needs and goals, with each exercise specifically prescribed to target your goals.  Studio sessions are generally taken on a ratio of 3 clients per 1 instructor.  Occasionally at peak times, or in the case of instructor illness, this ratio may increase.  One-on-one sessions are also available for clients requiring greater support and instruction, or who simply prefer a more private workout.