“We all know cardiovascular activity is essential for both the health of our hearts and the maintenance of lean body mass. But most of us hate it! We, too, had always forced ourselves to do cardio, and many of our clients at Pilates on Fifth have expressed the same sentiment. Clients say they feel they need to do cardio to lose the “layer of softness” (a nice way of saying fat!) that conceals the beautiful muscles they have toned and sculpted with Pilates.

Searching for a form of cardio we could recommend to our clients, we developed CARDIOLATES®. We knew we needed to find a method of cardio that reinforces Pilates’ alignment principles and optimal posture, but typical forms of cardio tend to derail them. Because rebounding combines the forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity, it strengthens every cell in your body. So, we thought, by rebounding with careful attention to alignment and posture, every cell of the body can be strengthened in the body’s optimal alignment! The CARDIOLATES® rebounding technique focuses on maintaining the body’s vertical axis and thus strengthens the deep postural muscles in the body’s ideal upright alignment.

Most importantly… rebounding with CARDIOLATES® is fun! Children know this instinctively and bounce whenever they have the chance. “Bouncing” is naturally stimulating – we bounce babies in our arms, toddlers on our knees, and most of us loved trampolines (or beds!) through our youth. Rebounding is a healthy and exhilarating way to feel revitalized and get fit. We hope you will look forward to your CARDIOLATES® workout as much as we do every time!”

Katherine & Kimberly Corp, founders of Pilates on Fith and CARDIOLATES®