Peter Toohey, ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer), United States Olympic Committee
“The United States Olympic Committee has been using Redcord since Summer 2008. We knew when we first encountered this amazing functional training technique that we wanted to incorporate it into our training and rehabilitation programs, but we didn’t anticipate that ActivCore FEX™ would change the way we work with our athletes! Our performance-based sports medicine staff uses ActivCore FEX™ to activate and stabilize muscles before training sessions for improved performace and reduced risk of injury. Soon all the USOC locations will use the ActivCore FEX™ technique and Redcord products.”

Dawn-Marie Ickes, Master of Physical Therapy, Gabrielle Shrier, Master of Physical Therapy, Allyson Cabot, Physical Therapist (Core Conditioning, California, USA)

“From the first time we experienced ActivCore FEX™, we knew this system would be a perfect complement to Joseph Pilates’ philosophy of whole body health. The combination of rehabilitation, wellness and performance inherent in the Redcord system is symbiotic with neuromuscular facilitation; precision, control and mindbody fitness – the most primary principles of Pilates. We would recommend ActivCore FEX™ to everyone who wants to improve their overall well-being.”

Trent McEntire, Founder McEntire Pilates
“I have become a huge ActivCore FEX™ advocate after experiencing the dramatic improvement it made to my Pilates workout, and the results I have found with my clients. Redcord successfully activates dormant core muscles and amplifies overall body function in a completely new way!”