Golf Study

For the purpose of this study, a collection of young golfers was divided into two groups. One group trained with Redcord tools using ActivCore FEX™, while the second group performed a standard strength-training regimen. Both groups worked out the same amount of time, twice a week for eight weeks. A golf clubhead speed test was taken before and after the training period. Clubhead speed has a measurable impact on the distance one can hit the ball.

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Soccer Study

A study conducted with a Norwegian soccer club showed that soccer players who trained with Redcord tools substantially improved the strength of their shot which resulted in a faster traveling ball. There was also a measurable improvement in overall balance and stability compared to the group that exercised with standard strength training.

Stray Pedersen J.I., Magnussen R, Kuffel E. Seiler S.
Sling Exercise training improves balance, kicking velocity and torso stabilization strength in elite soccer players
Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise 38(5):S243, 2006

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