How does it work?

The ActivCore FEX™ technique using Redcord® equipment strengthens and activates both the large and stabilizing muscles of the shoulders, knees and hips in addition to the stomach, back and other core muscles.

The important stabilising muscles of the body can only be challenged through instability, and yet only a finite amount of instability can be created using traditional Pilates or Swiss Ball/BOSU exercises before the risk of injury becomes too great.

The Redcord® unique equipment creates an unstable environment that is safe and comfortable. As a result, individuals of all levels of fitness have a means to target their core muscles and build strength safely and effectively.

The ActivCore FEX™ technique restores muscle balance by firing the right muscle at the right time, thus facilitating optimal movement patterns.

At Wellcentred, we can help you get more out of Redcord®/ActivCore FEX™ by identifying muscle imbalances – the overactive and inactive muscles- and providing specific exercises to address the imbalance. With its customizable set-up, the Redcord® system easily accommodates anyone regardless of movement limitations or restrictions.

ActivCore FEX™ Functional Exercise Videos

ActivCore FEXSupine Knee Flexion
ActivCore FEX Prone Plank – Bilateral Abduction
ActivCore FEX Push Up
ActivCore FEX Kneeling Triceps