Be prepared to fire up your core!

Wellcentred is proud to be the one of the first providers of Redcord® in Australia. Redcord® is a unique exercise system using ropes and slings that provide controlled instability to challenge the body safely and effectively.

At Wellcentred, we are certified to teach Redcord Active which is the functional exercise technique developed by Redcord® AS of Norway. Redcord’s revolutionary apparatus enables the full spectrum of functional exercise (FEX) and muscle activation applications. This ranges from wellness and performance to therapy and rehabilitation delivered by trained health professionals. Redcord® actually translates as “the common thread” in Norwegian, and aims to be the link between training and rehabilitation.

Redcord® activates the right muscles in the right amount at the right time – crucial to achieving optimal performance. The many benefits include:

improved core strength

increased functional strength

enhanced muscle balance & coordination

However, the main benefit of Redcord® is that you cannot cheat!

People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from Redcord® as the exercises are easily modified to challenge the body, including offloading one’s weight to feel weightless.

See below for an Introduction to Redcord®.